This is not our first rodeo...

Our founders created Sturppy a popular financial modeling software

7,000 Customers

Sturppy’s been used by 7,000+ happy founders and entrepreneurs since it was introduced in 2020.

98 Countries

Sturppy’s been adopted by founders and entrepreneurs in 98 countries spanning from the US to Uganda.

Global Team

Our founders, John and Filippo built a remote first company with teammates scattered across the US and EU.

Why build

Every day, ideas are born. Ideas to start a business. Change a political policy. Transform the world. But ideas alone are not enough.

Yosoku began with a belief that when people come together around an idea, and are empowered by the right software, great things can happen. Great is more than the sum of its parts: just like a great team is more than a collection of individuals and great brands are more than a collection of products. Great is a little slice of magic (and you know it when you see it).

Great software drives our modern lives. But in the world of business, not everyone get's access to the latest and greatest. Throughout the global economy, big companies are getting bigger. They're more productive, more profitable, more innovative, and they pay better. The people lucky enough to work at these companies are doing relatively well. Those who work for the competition aren't.

Marc Andreessen famously said, 'software is eating the world'. It's appetizer seems to have been smaller companies that don't have access to the same tools as their goliath competitors.

Yosoku is leveling the playing field for the little brands

We're not your average team; we're a dynamic crew of designers, developers, and marketers with a zest for innovation. Our journey began with Sturppy, a financial modeling company that has now become a trusted resource for over 7,000 businesses across 98 countries. But that's just the beginning of our story.

Since 2020, we've been at the forefront of harnessing the incredible power of generative AI in our products. We're driven by the thrill of bringing "corporate-level capabilities" to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What truly gets our engines revving is the AI revolution and the chance it offers to level the playing field for those brave little brands taking on the online giants.

Our mission? To equip small teams with the kind of technological prowess that can rival a corporation with a workforce of over a thousand. In an era where selling online has never been more accessible, competition is fierce. We firmly believe that those who embrace AI early on will emerge victorious, regardless of their size.

Our focus is crystal clear: we're here to craft affordable software solutions that supercharge your growth without the need to hire armies of agencies or full-time employees. Join us on this exciting journey as we help you scale faster and smarter in the digital landscape.

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