Order Efficiently, Restock Timely, Negotiate Smartly.

Link your Shopify and let AI determine how much inventory to order, when to place orders, and how to negotiate the best discounts from your suppliers.

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You didn’t start selling online because you love inventory optimization.

You’re “guesstimating” and using stitched together spreadsheets which leads to overstocking and under-stocking.

You’re creating POs without knowing if you’re getting the best discounts or payment terms from your suppliers.

You’re not an expert at supply chain nor do you want to be. You’d like to hire someone to help out, but it’s too expensive.

Yosoku turns your inventory operations into a competitive advantage in three easy steps:


Create an account & download our free Shopify App

Our app looks at your historical sales and creates a unique machine learning model for each individual SKU and variant in your store, fine tuned to predict future sales & demand.

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Add details about your suppliers

Our team of human experts (yes, we still use humans at an AI company) will help you map SKUs to suppliers, add quantity discount info, MOQs, and lead times to your supplier profiles.


Let our AI work it’s magic

Yosoku pinpoints overstocked and understocked SKUs, advises on reorder quantities, directs stock to the right locations, maximizes discounts, and automates PO creation.

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Why should you care about improving your inventor operations?

1) Reduced holding costs

Inventory cost money to store. With effective Inventory Ops you can minimize holding costs by keeping only the necessary stock on hand.

2) Improved cash flow

Cash is king; if you hold too much stock or buy product that nobody wants, you’re tying up cash that you could be spending on growth.

3) Increased cust. retention

According to a 2023 survey, 43% of online customers will abandon your brand if they experience more than two stock-outs.

4) Increased profit margins

CAC and inflation are rising, if you’re not negotiating with suppliers, you’re leaving profit on the table.

5) Data driven insights

With Yosoku you can use your data to get ahead of peak periods like Black Friday by knowing exactly how much to order.

6) Improved resilience

Effective Inventory Ops helps brands identify potential vulnerabilities in their supply chain and mitigate risks before they occur.

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